Learning doesn't stop with therapy. At Sounds Smart, we are committed to helping our students carry over to real life the principles learned in therapy by engaging them in what we call "Smart Group Activities" that are designed to be fun and educational.

The purpose is to get students to engage in the world around them, and in so doing, gain knowledge and skills, especially social skills, that will help them throughout their lives. In essence, we believe that physical and mental exercise, good nutrition, and engagement with the world facilitate overall wellbeing and intelligence. The activities are geared toward that end.

One such activity is visiting and exploring ecological reserves, arboretums, farmers' markets, or museums. Also, to nurture talents we may hold friendly competitions such as photography or painting/drawing. During these activities, our therapists guide students in their interaction with each other and the environment. These activities are voluntary, and we do not charge for them. However, there may be fees involved.

Please ask us for further information.